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We are on a mission to build a new kind of experience that gives Canadians what they need to do their thing and do it well.

Every day, we set out to create a better payment and banking experience for our customers. We do things differently from the big banks and other disruptors.

We put
honesty and
transparency first.

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Our aim is to transform small businesses and change lives by building the most disruptive and inclusive financial services institution in the country."

Ben Mulroney
Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer
Former Host of eTalk and Canadian Idol, anchor for Your Morning, and UNICEF ambassador Canada

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A photograph of Ben Mulroney, co-founder and chief impact officer of Orchard.
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Cost + 0 on payments

The world is better when you aren't paying more fees.

Simple, honest, transparent payments. Lowest fees. No markups. No surprises. It's as simple as that, always. You only pay what the payment processors pay every time a Mastercard, Visa or other payment is made and that's it. We don’t markup.

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Instant activation

We don't believe in complicated paperwork or contracts.

Taking payments should be fast and painless. Sign up and accept payments in minutes with the tools you need to set up your business fast. No face-to-face required.

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Same-day funding

It's your money. You deserve access to it.

There's no need to wait between making a sale and getting paid. Get instant access to your earnings even from selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, and TikTok.

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Instant employee pay

Make any day payday.

Recruit and retain qualified and diverse talent with a new perk that's in demand. Give employees on-demand access to their pay and tips.

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An image of an iPhone displaying the deposit account screen from the Orchard mobile app

Instant commercial deposit account

No exorbitant bank fees. No bank visit required.

Merchants can open an Orchard corporate account and commercial card without visiting a branch.

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Online stores

Whatever you sell, sell it online.

Sell anything anywhere in the world on a website, social media, and other marketplaces. Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, and more – start with one or try them all.

A photograph of Wes Hall, co-founder of Orchard.
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Orchard is doing something entirely disruptive – truly innovative – that will bring impactful, meaningful change through financial products that help Canada's small businesses grow and become greater."

Wes Hall
Dragon's Den Investor, Executive Chairman & Founder of the BlackNorth Initiative

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